Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chad Holden - A Good Man for the Job

We previously showcased Chad Holden, a candidate for the Lauderdale Board of Education Place 2. After reviewing the other candidates, we feel that Chad is the best person for this position. A few words from Chad:

The 2010 campaign has been both exciting and humbling. I've learned so much since jumping into this race the very first week of qualifying:

1) Lauderdale County is huge!

2) People are hungry for something different on the board of education.

3) Public service is still a noble calling.

I will say this: there are some very good candidates for school board in this election. Voters are just going to have to decide who are "the very good" candidates and who are "the best" to bring about the change they want. Our campaign is making the case that my passion for education and inside perspective to 21st century challenges make me the best candidate for Place 2 in 2010.


According to Sweetwater Mansion's Facebook page, Susan Leigh Smithson has taken the historic home off the market. We hope this is a first step in assuring the edifice remains in the Shoals for generations to come.

For those who believe in ghosts, or even those who don't, a fantastic video on the historic structure: