Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Colbert County Needs Lyn Gregory

For several years, we have heard complaints from Colbert County citizens concerning the quality of their law enforcement. Citizens from adjoining counties have also voiced displeasure with the current sheriff and his department. Now Colbert Countians have a chance to remedy that situation.

Lyn Gregory has promised to be a working sheriff, one who listens to the needs of those within his jurisdiction. We believe that Gregory is sincere in his promises for better law enforcement and endorse him in the June Democratic Primary.


Democratic candidate for governor Ron Sparks is in favor of revamping Alabama's antiquated constitution one article at a time, via the legislature. We're happy that Sparks has taken the time to include a second item to his agenda of gambling, gambling, and more gambling, but one article at a time?

We admit we had to look it up; there are 18 articles in our state constitution. Assuming our legislature could actually rewrite one article each yearly session, it would take almost two decades to finish the task. With the history of the Alabama Legislature, does anyone think that Sparks thought this brilliant plan through before announcing it to the electorate? The only way it would work would involve the restriction of bathroom breaks, but we're afraid too many of our legislators already have a jug handy.


The new fountain at the corner of Seminary Street and Mobile Plaza in Florence is now open. We hope to publish some photos soon. Thanks to Andy Brown of Visionary Art and Design for his wonderful addition to our hometown.


Last June 8th, we changed counters for our blog. Today we should arrive at 100K unique hits, with over 150K page hits. Thanks to everyone who supports us.