Friday, April 16, 2010

ASCAP's John Briggs & Turn-Around-Time

We once knew a man who was convinced the end of the world was near. Why? According to him, turn-around-time was becoming shorter and shorter.

What's turn-around-time? Some call it karma; others deem it reaping what one sews. We doubt that turn-around-time in general is getting any shorter, or that the end of the world is imminent; but if reports are true, turn-around-time for John Briggs was exceedingly short.

Two separate, albeit unverified, sources reported yesterday that the Chairman of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board has been dumped from his position as Vice President of ASCAP in Nashville. The end of the former Killen resident's position with the music association ostensibly resulted from shenanigans related to the defeat of Sen. Bobby Denton's bill to replace the board, as well as the e-mail sacking of long-time Hall of Fame Executive Director David Johnson.

Of course, it was hardly true karma if ASCAP conveyed Briggs' pink slip in person rather than via cyberspace. Who knows, perhaps Briggs will now apply for Johnson's former position. The irony would be sweet, but we doubt that bi-faciality is a requirement of the job.

Since we referred to the bilious Briggs yesterday as "jaded," we thought this only appropriate... (Yes, that's Gary P. Nunn on the keyboard.)