Friday, April 9, 2010

Darby Aviation Loses License...Again

Photo courtesy of the FAA

Darby Aviation of Muscle Shoals has lost its operations license for the second time in five years. Pictured at right is the Teterboro, New Jersey, plane crash that caused the private company, d/b/a Alpha Jet, to lose its license in 2005.

Darby Aviation was founded by the late Elton Darby Sr., father-in-law of State Senator Roger Bedford. No word if Bedord may see this as a foreshadowing of his re-election bid.


Sources close to the Red Bay family visited recently by "Jesus Christ" a/k/a "Elvis," say contrary to reports in the TimesDaily, the intruder did disrobe completely--this was after consuming the entire contents of their refrigerator. He was probably hungry since deputies theorized he had walked from Gun Town, Mississippi. At least he went to jail on a full stomach.


Props to James Hall II and John Odem for their clean campaign for the Lauderdale District Judgeship Democratic nomination. Our sources show Hall leading slightly, but no matter the winner, Carole Coil Medley is sure to provide stiff Republican opposition in the general election.


Our sympathies to Mrs. Chad Coker in the recent loss of a family member. Chad, along with Tina Miller Parker, is one of the two front-runners in the Colbert County District Judge's race, and we look forward to hearing more on his platform in the immediate future.