Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Janice Keeton and the Elephant - Part II

Hollie Elizabeth Newbury was 24 when she was shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend late last year. Christopher Michael Rich, 31, immediately left the scene of the homicide with their two children and drove to the Lauderdale County Courthouse where he attempted to contact his attorney Janice Keeton. The "elephant?" Janice Keeton is Rich's aunt.

Many individuals are currently using local forums to blast both Keeton and Sheriff Ronnie Willis for what they call their roles in the murder. Their roles?

Rich is a man in his fourth decade of life; all responsibility for the murder of Hollie Newbury rests solely with him. Anyone who believes that Rich informed his aunt before the fact is sadly lacking in any powers of logical deduction. Second, as a busy attorney with a large immediate family, we doubt that Keeton kept very close tabs on her nephew, nor was it her responsibility to do so.

Let's place the blame where it squarely lies--on the abusive and calculating man who pulled the trigger that cold December morning. This horrible crime has nothing to do with Janice Keeton, who should be an inspiration to those who seek the betterment of themselves and the society in which they live.


Sheffield police can reduce their sex offender count to 30; Harold Rudy Stanback was murdered in Florence on November 27th of last year. We're not sure who's responsible for reporting sex offender deaths to the state, but apparently someone wasn't paying attention.

Tomorrow: More on Judge Gil Self