Friday, April 23, 2010

Quinton Hanson Stands For...?

Republican Quinton Hanson ran for the State Senate against Bobby Denton in 2002. Now he's seeking the Republican nomination for Alabama House Seat 1. So...just what will Quinton Hanson do if he should win this seat?

Let's look first at his Facebook page. Mr. Hanson certainly likes quotes; quotes by famous individuals are usually either humorous, informative, or thought-provoking, but they don't tell us very much about Mr. Hanson.

What information this social networking site does provide is more than slightly disturbing. Does Hanson actually question Obama's nationality? If so, he has a poor grasp of laws relating to the presidency or an even worse grasp of the English language. Let's go to his blog. Hmmm, not many entries there, and of those only one concerns the State of Alabama.

After reading these sites, we now know much more about Mr. Hanson as a person, and he certainly seems like someone who has charted the course of his life in a very efficient and worthwhile manner. We just don't know what Mr. Hanson plans to do as a state representative.

Quinton Hanson is a pilot. We doubt that he falls into the "fly by the seat of his pants" category. It's a shame that he seems to take that attitude toward the office he's seeking.

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