Friday, June 26, 2015

Northwest Alabama or Nazi Germany?

We have had several comments about our guest editorial on restrictions at the Muscle Shoals football field. First, some questioned the publication of the article itself. Let's look at that.

The author lives, works, and pays taxes in that city. He/she has every right to question how such money is spent. If anyone can say he/she should not have a voice, they can say we should not have a voice. If they can say we can't have a voice, they can deny your voice also. Is this northwest Alabama or Nazi Germany? Think about it.

Next, comments: We had one “couple” on FB accuse us of deleting comments. None was deleted about that blog. If we delete, it's for language, etc.

This couple did not answer our request to enumerate what had been deleted. Our new policy will be to name those here in this blog who make accusations, but don't back them up. That goes for those (RH, you know who you are) who falsely accuse us of not publishing comments to the blog itself.

One final comment concerning the blog: It was written days before the young footballer was killed. We think we can speak for the writer when we say no untoward agenda was indicated. Our sympathies to the young man's family.

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