Monday, June 15, 2015

St. Florian Freeloaders

To James & Patti Gibson: You’ve been getting free sewage for years, now you want to sue the city that’s been giving it to you? Nice couple. Remember, you’ll be suing the entire population of Florence. That freeloading attitude doesn’t make you popular.

To the Gibson’s attorney: There’s probably some state law somewhere you can use to justify demanding the taxpayers of Florence pay for your clients’ sewage. Made an “A” in shyster class, didn’t you? Too bad the TD didn’t name you.

To the mayor of St. Florian Don Strait: You’re upset that you’ll lose tax dollars if the line is shut down? You actually had the nerve to say that? How about you and yours cough up some money for a new line that actually belongs to you? Cliff, are you sure you want to work for these delusional gimmesummadat imbeciles?

To Florence Mayor Mickey Haddock: You’re in charge of these negotiations? We taxpayers are paying Mike Doyle to run the water/sewer department. He says the line is unsafe. Why aren’t you backing him up? Why should you even be negotiating with these freeloading heathen to start with?


Now Mayor Haddock, we have a second question for you: Can’t the city make up its mind about the location of the new Arts & Entertainment District? Or will there be two? Many individuals have already invested in East Florence. What are you going to say to them if the powers that be now declare the district to be in downtown?

We would ask about all the money invested in the East Florence feasibility study, but a city that contracted with four separate architects over five years time to redo the one block of Mobile Plaza probably doesn’t see a problem with that. When the 1941 fictionalized version of Gen. Stilwell said, “You can hold one block, can’t you?” he’d obviously never been to Florence.


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