Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The "Subway Riot"/Truck Stop Hits

The "Subway Riot?" There wasn't one. It seems what many First Friday visitors saw was an unfortunately normal event. Teens congregate both inside and outside the deli every Friday until management and later police ask them to move on. The officer was also a regular and was in control at all times. The teens who were at the eatery were not the ones in Wilson Park.

A reader asked what difference late reporting of the attack made? It meant it wasn't reported in time to get into the late Friday news update, so no extensive media reporting until Monday. No big conspiracy to hide from public.

Any news on the attack? Not that we have.


Rodney Ivey: Ivey was at one time a suspect in the hit-style murders of his cousin Gary Baskins and his companion earlier this year. Obviously he has not been charged in any way with that crime, and we don't expect him to be. A source says there's no news in the murder investigation.

We are going to make two or three comments here and save the rest for the time of the killer's trial and the release of the autopsy reports. While we hope all our readers pass from this life peacefully at the age of 101 either in the arms of Morpheus or their lover, it's a sad fact that people die unexpectedly every day. All the media know about you is what you post online.

If you say you have one child, that's all anyone knows about. Maybe you're too overwhelmed to update your profile (there was an entire episode of Yes, Dear devoted to this) or perhaps the thrill of motherhood has worn off. No matter, don't expect anyone magically to know how many children a murder victim has. Don't blame the media for reporting exactly what the victim has stated on line.

Facebook pages? If Bradley William Flemming decides at the age of 25 to grow a signature beard and change his name to Boogie Woogie Fever, don't expect the media to know about the new FB page or any beard. The information they publish will come from records posted by Bradley William Flemming. There again, don't blame the media if Flemming left his old FB page up.

Finally, to the local blogger who criticized us for relating we had to ban some hootchie mamas, would it have been better to have called those we banned what they called us, simply for posting some links from two local news sites? Hootchie mama sounds much better than g**d*** m*****f***** piece of s***, don't you think?

No matter how the two victims lived their lives, we fervently want to see the killer(s) punished. If anyone knows anything not yet reported, please call local police. If just doing the right thing doesn't appeal to you, there is a cash reward. It's totally anonymous. We guarantee it!


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