Saturday, June 27, 2015

Darren Rhodes & Gingerbread Antiques

For the past 8 years one of the most unique and interesting places to browse during a lunch break, or shop for collectibles in downtown Florence, has been Gingerbread Antiques.  Located next to FloBama's, one could spend hours inside the business and not see everything offered. The merchandise ranged from antique furniture and estate jewelry to collectible books, toys and militaria.

Last week, the proprietors of Gingerbread Antiques were given notice to vacate the premises.....or come up with $6K/mo in rent.  Needless to say, $6K/mo is an astronomically large sum.  It seems that the current owner, Darren Rhodes (President Shoals MPE--Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical), has visions of turning the building into an upscale apartment building and has given all vendors, some of which reside out of state, until the end of July to vacate. When asked where potential residents would park, Mr. Rhodes reportedly said, 'That's not my problem.' 

It remains unclear whether Mr. Rhodes has sought/gained 'the go ahead' from city officials, or when any demolition/construction is set to begin.

All we do know is that Mr. Rhodes has made it that much more difficult to 'shop locally' and keep money in Florence.

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  1. This story is completely untrue. Gingerbread Antiques may be closing, but that is the decision of the owner. I have never requested they leave or spoke with them about a rent increase. There are always two sides to every story, and after this article anyone with a question knows how to reach me. It is very frustrating when someone posts something without knowing the facts.