Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Take It With a Grain of Logic

Whatever happened Friday night was not good. There was an alleged gang attack at Subway and in Wilson Park. But what actually happened? We don't know. Logically, if a Florence Police officer was attacked on Court/Tuscaloosa, it should be major news. Yet many aren't looking at this logically.

1. Call it a "hate crime?" Only a grand jury can do that. The city has no hate crime statute. It's simply assault until it becomes a felony.

2. The sheriff isn't doing his job? Our sheriff has nothing to do with it if it happened inside city limits.

3. There was a Taser attack? Tasers go for at least 390.00. Pretty rich equipment for a street gang.

4. It's obviously a cover up? Why? The park episode wasn't reported until much later. The FPD doesn't have a clairvoyant on staff.

5. It happened between 8:30 & 9:00 and no one reported it? If true, a lot of people have a lot to answer for (and apparently have nothing in common with our neighbors who have a hotline to the police).


Just saw this on FB: I was going to watch an old sitcom, but decided to watch the local news. I think the news is going to turn out to be funnier. An armed man robbed a drug store and took everyone inside hostage. The reporter explained it was drug related. She also said he will be facing charges.


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