Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Revelations About First Friday Incident

Assuming yesterday’s public statement by Florence chief Ron Tyler is 100% correct, we offer the following observations on the recent attack in Wilson Park:

1. The incident happened around 9:40, at least forty minutes later than reported originally. (This would explain a lack of more witnesses.)

2. The injury to the face of the 14 year-old son was caused by a “friend,” not a random attacker. (This indicates some problems were brewing before the father arrived.)

3. No racial slurs were made; however, one “remark” was directed toward a woman. (The mother?)

4. The father received a facial fracture, but needed no medical treatment. (Really? The last we had heard from family, they were going to consult a plastic surgeon.)

5. The attack involved a stun gun, not a Taser.

We’re sure more information will come to light later. Thornton is no angel. A 28 year-old who attacks a 14 year-old is a bully among other things, but did he commit a felony?

This whole incident is what’s known as a mare’s nest. Let’s be thankful the tales of out of control gangs have been greatly exaggerated.


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