Monday, June 29, 2015

Love Letters from Prison

“Is any of it really true?” We actually had someone ask us that question recently concerning several articles we had published over the years concerning a local thug/sociopath. It seems this man had placed his name on a prison pen pal site to meet women.

We sent links to this young woman which corroborated nine out of ten of our articles. We never heard from her again; let's hope she moved on to a higher quality of the male species.

There's nothing wrong with corresponding with someone in prison; however, we strongly advise all women...and research what their new friend tells them. You might not be the only one sending the prisoner money and expecting a life with him once he's released. The word is “used.” Don't be it.


On a similar note, a young woman wrote to us several months ago about her best friend. It seems this young woman had become involved with an accomplished user who was on probation. This young woman was “needy” according to her friend and fell for his line...which we understand is very convincing, not to mention backed up by his totally enabling family.

The pair plastered their FB pages with pics of one another; then the neo-Eddie Haskell was shipped off to prison for new crimes against the citizens of the State of Alabama. The young woman has tried to move on, but her less than honorable former squeeze refuses to take down her photos and alter his relationship status.

The friend asked us what she could do. Our answer? Not much.

There's a very old saying: You knew he was a snake before you took him in. Think about your children. Don't they deserve more?


Care about yourself? Your family? Your partner? Then use birth control and vehicular restraints.

We once heard someone say they hated the word “restraint.' We hate the words “dead & decapitated.” If you don't use the proper restraints in your vehicle, that's what you and passengers may wind up being if your car rolls over ten times. The least of your worries will be the 500.00 fine. You could be looking at actual prison time. If you're old enough to drive, you're old enough to act responsibly.

That last statement also goes for all those using fireworks this upcoming Independence Day. It hasn't been that many years since an Athens father accidentally killed his young son while shooting off pyrotechnics. Be safe; take your family to a professional display.


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