Friday, June 12, 2015

Hate Crimes & Speed Limits

Hate crimes? From Mark Parker: Alabama's hate crime statute is an enhancement to the penalty phase after conviction of another crime. If an assault, or other crime takes place, and it's because of hate crime, the penalty is enhanced. Code of Alabama 13A-5-13.

No matter, a third degree assault is a misdemeanor. For the reader who disagreed, we suggest you contact the FPD or the city attorney.


Taser? We're just guessing here, but it seems logical that what the victims of Friday's attack called a Taser was actually a stun gun. This could make a difference in severity of charges. A Taser starts at 350.00 (a little cheaper than we previously said); a stun gun for as little as 20.00 and no background check. There's also a big difference in the harm they can cause. If this First Friday gang did use a Taser, couldn't charges be upgraded to second degree assault?


Our LEO question? A reader pointed out that the speed limit in question is 70 mph, not 75. As for the officer feeling threatened, we can only speculate. That's why we wanted someone who had actually done traffic stops to comment. We will try to blog answers late next week.


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