Monday, June 8, 2015

Return to Heroin Central: David Ros

Call him a "key player" or a "kingpin," David Ros managed to get a lucky break after his July 2013 arrest in Morgan County for heroin trafficking. At the time of his Decatur arrest, Ros was on probation in Lauderdale County related to a February theft charge.

Where is he now? He managed to get a form of probation/rehabilitation in Morgan and was placed in a halfway house. It seems he was kicked out of two facilities before entering his third this past Friday. He blew that after two days.

High on something, Ros proclaimed he was Jesus. Where is he now? That we don't know. His partner in drug crime Wes Akin faces another Lauderdale charge within the next few weeks.

Obviously Ros didn't know when he had it good.


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