Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dakota Holt Is Free...For Now

Dylan Milam

For those not familiar with the murder of Dylan Milam:

From Dylan's mother: Just to let everyone know... the kid (Dakota Holt) that murdered Dylan is now out. I knew about when he was getting out but wanted to wait to let everyone know before I posted... also seems he was a bad boy while in... seems he called a kid the N word and got beat down for it. lmao.. they even had to wire his jaw shut. If you are a friend of mine or Dylan please repost this on your page. ok D...let the games begin.


The above is much like an old joke. The teacher was filling out an application for health insurance and was asked, "Have you ever had a nervous breakdown?" Her reply? "No, but watch this space for further development."

Holt has been released five years early. While we hope he stays out of trouble, we aren't betting the ranch on it. Just another subject for the blind man on the corner.


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  1. This is bs. He took a loved one Let alone a life.... He should not have been released. He took my cousin/BESTFRIENDS life.... He needs to have guys live taken and controlled.