Thursday, June 4, 2015

Larry Stutts Said What?!!!

From the TD:

Stutts (on anti-abortion bill), an obstetrician, said he thinks the bill is a good idea. He’s anti-abortion, and said that when he’s treating a pregnant woman, he has two patients.

Really? How about this comment from March 31, 2015?

My sole intention with Senate Bill 289 was to re-center health care decisions between a patient and her doctor by limiting government mandates.

Our deceitful representative was at one time a veterinarian. Wonder if he told clients not to spay their cats but keep them in a fenced yard?


A Colbert County mother, a devout Baptist, had two girls. The 16 year-old she counseled on sex, never thinking the 15 year-old was boffing half the males in her class. Upon finding out and regaining consciousness, she took the girl to Larry. What did Larry say?

No birth control. Just tell her to stop having sex. No, we're not kidding.


Our view is and always has been to counsel children on morality and self-respect. Barring that, counsel on birth control. No abortion necessary. Where are the bills on sponsoring such education in schools?


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