Sunday, June 14, 2015

Return to Spring Park

A few varied views on the current condition/situation at Spring Park:

Tuscumbia Muskrat - Interesting that the TimesDaily didn't report "why" Spring Park needs a volunteer group to "chip in" with park maintenance. Hmmm.... Could it be that concerned citizens pointed out the Park Director's lack of maintenance? Could it be that many attractions were rotting? Could it be that the train was only half running? Could it be that boards were falling off & not being replaced on the railroad bridge? Could it be that the fountain is NEVER ready for operation in early spring (even after saying it would be)? Could it be that paint was peeling off the carousel horses, along with warped boards, shot light bulbs, & no music? Could it be that the restrooms are in terrible disrepair? If the park was well managed then there would not be a long repair list for volunteers to "chip in" with! To quote the Park Director: "“It’s going to be so good for the park. Having volunteers like that, it helps the community take ownership of the park.” (TimesDaily 6/13/15) How about you, Mr. Kendrick, take ownership for your failure as park director!!!!!

Reader DP - Last night (June 7) a special group had the park and rides. First problem came because the train had broken down in the wooden bridge and would not be operable for the group. The next problem arose when there was not a uniform enforcement of the rules for the roller coaster. The rides crew tried to enforce a height rule for small kids but not in a uniform way. This allowed some kids to ride who were shorter than the height rule being enforced and others who were shorter were allowed to ride. Some kids got to ride one time but when they came back to ride again, they were not allowed to ride. This resulted with crying kids and upset parents. On the lighter side, THE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN SCULPTURE WAS REMOVED TODAY AND PLACED UNDER COVER AWAY FROM THE ELEMENTS, KIDS, AND INSECTS.
Another reader from June 6th - I have a good report on the park in Tuscumbia. The train is running and the crossing signal works. Unfortunately there is a car show with someone who loves to hear his voice on the p.a. The waterfall and fountain were both operating. The train was running with plenty of cars. The roller coaster, carousel and splash pad were all seeing lots of action, too. It was my first real visit and I was really impressed with what they had at the park today. 


A great video:



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