Saturday, June 20, 2015

George Weakley Rhodes Is Out on Bond?--Update

George Weakley Rhodes Jr. has quite a record. What better way to read about it than in our own words?

He left prison in January of this year. That’s five months of freedom. Now this:

This morning, Rhodes was released on bail. Why? Please explain that to us...

LCDC indicates prisoner remains in jail, contrary to other FB reports.


From  Dylan's aunt:

Many people have been reading and have left comments about the death of Dylan Milam and his murderer. There was one comment in particular that was most concerning to me. Of course they did not know the entire story. The person that murdered Dylan Milam served only two years in youth authority jail. Due to his age he could not be tried as an adult. 

When someone of that age murders, they should be how accountable and to only serve two years in youth authority jail is disgraceful. The weapon he used was bought for him as a gift. What person goes out and buys a weapon for a 13-year-old to be used with adult supervision? This should make all us take pause and consider other options. What are the other options? 

Do we change the laws in the state of Alabama to take into mitigating circumstances? If you view this from the outside in perhaps all you can is see a "13-year-old kid" killing another kid. My nephew was murdered in cold blood, while the murderer told him to run and then shot him in the back of the neck. My nephew's last thoughts were that of fear. We could say that the perhaps murderer may have had encounters with law-enforcement in the past. However this is an assumption on my part. So the state of Alabama has unleashed a sociopath. 

My concerns are this may happen again to your child or someone you love. Some schools of thought believe that it is nature defines who we are in life. However my belief is that it is both nature and nurture that defines who we are. I know that my nephew Dylan was an incredible loving, kind and giving human being. All he wanted to do was to help, guide and be a friend to the person who murdered him. Dylan's goal in life was to help other people and he wanted to be a psychologist.


Thoughts on fathers tomorrow...


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