Friday, June 19, 2015

Violence on Lawrence Avenue

Have an apartment complex for a neighbor? You automatically have parties, alcohol, drugs, fights, and stabbings/shootings.There was a shooting earlier this year at a Brinks’ apartment complex. Now we have one outside a party at Courtyard Apartments, a highly contested project built by C. K. Irby in 2009. It was argued that the apartments would not damage the Edgemont neighborhood. Right…

You might remember that Lawrence Avenue property owners got the shaft from Florence years earlier when a portion of their land was condemned for the Helton Drive expansion project. Wonder if those who originally sued the city could now get damages? Probably not, but they deserve them.


The girlfriend of a missing Muscle Shoals man has stated she wants him back as long as he’s breathing. You’re on your own for the appropriate punch line…


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