Friday, August 24, 2012

Franklin County Follies: Bynum & Common

Vina High School
After two postponements, Kimberly Bynum, 30, will face a jury trial beginning October 15th in Franklin County. She will become the first local teacher tried under the 2010 law that makes consensual sex between a teacher and a student under the age of 19 illegal. The former Vina High math teacher was arrested in June 2011.

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J.J. Common has reportedly turned down a 25 year sentence plea deal offered by Franklin County. Common faces a distribution charge in Franklin, as well as federal probation violation charges, as well as...well, we've lost count. Common has reportedly fired the attorney who advised him to take the plea and hired Daryl W. Moon of Florence to defend him at trial.

Common allegedly feels the police video of a drug deal could feature almost any black male wearing a baseball cap and hoodie. After all, it is such popular attire in some circles.

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Looks like the new Lion's Den apartments on East Tennessee Street are ready for occupancy. There may be some legal problems connected with the revamped motel; Krystal circa 1970 wants its color scheme back, and Lego is considering a copyright suit related to the bus stop. Someone designed that? Really?


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