Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not All Unhappy to See Smokehouse Go

Smokehouse Employee (Passed Out?) on Pool Table

Apparently not everyone was unhappy to see the longtime Shoals pool hall closed. From a regular reader:

I live approximately one block from the now closed Smokehouse Billiards, aka the pool hall. The traffic since Brindley's closed was unbearable and the people who visited the business were not exactly law abiding folk, at least at night.

I'm sending you a photo of (name censored by editor). He worked there until about a month before the business closed. Right now he's in jail for burglarizing cars of patrons at the downtown business. Maybe it's true that it starts with a "P" which rhymes with "T" which stands for "Trouble."


We've had some questions about the Jerry Ivy murder. Tomorrow we'll address how the public can have input into any case, including that of Junior Clemmons (Ivy's admitted murderer), the young car thief passed out in today's picture, or any other defendant in any Alabama county.


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  1. I heard two days ago that the Smokehouse has been bought and will reopen. From a pretty reliable source.