Sunday, August 12, 2012

David Reed Grissom/Storm Warning


"Because I said so."

"I am the boss."

"Hit the road if you don't like it here."

The above statements may be appropriate coming from a parent...or drill sergeant, but not so much from a mayor, police chief, sheriff, etc. Yet we often hear of those words emanating from local offices. We're not making many endorsements in the upcoming municipal races, since most candidates are equally qualified. We do wholeheartedly endorse David Reed Grissom for mayor of Russellville.

Mr. Grissom has promised to work with other leaders in Russellville and the Shoals in order to promote his hometown and create much needed jobs. The constant bickering that now goes on in Franklin's county seat is nothing but a deterrent to progress.

Vote David Reed Grissom on August 28th.


We've had several inquiries about the local weather forecast for tomorrow. We predict the storms will be centered over Lauderdale; we'll even go on record to predict they'll start on South Court Street in the late morning or early afternoon. Stay tuned for updates.


Pen-N-Sword has published a statement from the attorneys of Franklin Pharmacy:


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