Monday, August 6, 2012

Murder by Family Feud: The Death of Jerry Ivy

Raymond Junior Clemmons

A long-time friend and reader has provided a detailed account of the feud that culminated with the death of Jerry Lewis Ivy on July 19th. Due to the extremely personal nature of much of this story, we are editing many of the details.

Jerry Lewis Ivy died on July 19th at the hands of his first cousin Raymond Junior Clemmons. The mothers of the two men are sisters, and the months of violence that culminated in Ivy's death have taken a toll on all family members.

(We have deleted a large portion of this account at the request of Florence CID. This concerns an ongoing investigation and we are happy to remove the portions concerning details of the murder.)

Standing 6' 4" tall and weighing 230 pounds, the 42 year-old Clemmons is an imposing man with a reputation to match. He remains incarcerated in the Florence Detention Center awaiting a grand jury indictment.


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  1. Let me guess??? there was a woman involved at said unexpected location?