Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update on Two Lauderdale Circuit Judges

A reader answers the guest commentary on Lauderdale Circuit Court Judge Billy Jackson (pictured):

This entry is very unfair and one sided. How can anyone call this father a “deadbeat dad” when over the past five years he faithfully paid the court ordered alimony and child support? In addition to monthly alimony and child support payments, the Dad paid more than a quarter million dollars through annual installments to the ex-wife over the five year period.

The ex-wife had five years to prepare to move out of a home she did not (nor did she ever) own. She has a four year college degree and does not work. For five years the ex-wife knew the date when she had to leave the home and when the time came she went back to court to fight it. Why was she surprised to be evicted? With all the money received, the ex-wife should have funds to purchase her own home. Stalked and abused?! Considering the other mistruths these statements must also be questioned. The ex-wife chooses to play the victim and pretend she has been wronged. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Keep in mind, Judge Jackson did not preside over the original divorce case. He is simply enforcing the judgment put into place over five years ago. It would have been nice if the court had provided more notice prior to the scheduled eviction but, under the circumstances, the eviction order had to be expected. And understand the ex-wife was not actually evicted. She moved out after getting the eviction notice. The rumor mill says the children (all over the age of eighteen) were not forced to leave the home but decided to go with their mother.

It is not clear whether the Dad is able get life insurance. Judge Sandlin granted the ex-wife alimony (tax free) for the rest of her life. The ex-wife asked the court to guarantee this by having the Dad pay for a substantial life insurance policy but the court never considered the Dad may not be insurable. It is rumored the Dad has no solely owned assets to offer as collateral to guarantee the alimony payments. Sometimes, a person is not compliant with the court through no fault of their own.

The ex-wife received custody of the children along with child support, a generous tax free alimony for life, use of a beautiful home for five years, plus annual payments totaling more than $250K. In what way did the court not treat the ex-wife favorably? It is galling to see the ex-wife state she was mistreated by the court and has the audacity to spread malicious mistruths about the very people who ensure her welfare! Readers should consider the expense and frustration suffered by the Dad over the past five years. Consider he has to pay this ungrateful woman for the rest of his life and beyond! He deserves better than the treatment received in this entry. As do the Judges referenced.

Editor's Note: The fact that the three children all chose to remove themselves from the home at the same time as the mother speaks volumes.


Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Gil Self, a defendant in a civil rights suit initiated by Mark Davis, has recused himself from from Davis' custody case in answer to a motion from early in July.



  1. To print the opinions of one side of a divorce case as "fact" about a father or judge or the quality of the judiciary in Lauderdale County is totally nuts.

  2. First, we print nothing; we do publish. Second, as you know, this was a rebuttal to a guest commentary. It was clearly labeled as such, as is this commentary. We happily accept columns from our readers. Please feel free to submit one at any time.