Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doug Arnold Knows?

Doug Arnold
It seems Helen Keller Hospital CEO Doug Arnold is now interpreting attorney general's opinions for the Colbert 911 board. Wonder what he charges for that? Is this something anyone can attempt or does it require special training? Perhaps we need an AG's opinion on that too...


Identity theft? Many are not aware that simply using someone else's credit or debit card is indeed identity theft. Another area that has gone unreported is the non-criminal area of unauthorized use of names. In other words, if someone claims to be "you," but doesn't profit financially from it, it's still an illegal action.

The District Attorney's office will be quick to tell you that you need to engage a private attorney to bring civil charges, so there's money involved up front if you wish to bring legal action. If the guilty party loses the suit, he or she will be on the hook to reimburse you the court costs and attorney's fee.

This kind of "fun and games" seems to have picked up steam in the past two or so years here in the Shoals, so if you have the financial means, we say by all means sue. Recent court decisions also indicate any forum or blog that knowingly allows unauthorized use of another's name may also be held liable.


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