Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vote Today/Jack's Chicken Shack

If you live in an incorporated area, you have the opportunity today to influence the destiny of your fair city. Don't sit home and say it doesn't matter. It does. Heated elections for mayor in Florence, Russellville, and Phil Campbell are sure to produce a large turnout; there may even be a runoff in Florence.

The only endorsement we've given is for David Reed Grissom in Russellville. Our sources in that Franklin County town are predicting a win for Mr. Grissom--God knows Russellville needs some good luck.


Several readers asked about Jack's Chicken Shack mentioned in yesterday's blog. Was it in Sheffield or Florence or both? Here's some quotes we've dug up from the archives...

Across the tracks was Jack’s Chicken Shack, a Negro hangout that sold bootleg liquor after the county went dry around 1952, and Sheffield began to grow more ashen and dusty, shriveling into a near semblance of a ghost town. Jonathan Rosenbaum

I wonder how many different towns have the same story about Mustang Sally as we did in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I was always told Sally was a waitress at Jack's Chicken Shack across the river in Florence. It was a place the out-late crowd would go to for something to eat, and was a favorite among musicians working late sessions at Fame, or one of the other studios around town. Roger Sizemore

This discussion brings to mind the club Jack's Chicken Shack which used to be just beyond the tracks in Baptist Bottom. Is it still there or is it just a memory for those of us who are a wee bit older? Driving past there on a Friday or Saturday night; you could see and hear that activity going on inside -- party hearty! My dad was an appliance repairman and several times when I was in high school, I went with him on a service call to Jack's. They were nice people -- but, boy it did rock on the weekends. I am just curious if it is still there. Bill Gray

Anyone else have memories of Jack's Chicken Shack?


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