Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pen? Sword? Pen-N-Sword!

Yesterday we spotlighted The Quad-Cities Daily. Their coverage of the possible sex abuse case in Sheffield has been outstanding. Some readers questioned why no link to the The Connection's new persona, Pen N Sword. Our other Shoals investigative magazine had been offline for a week while installing new software that's more easily updated and user-friendly. We're happy to announce it's now back online, although still tweaking some components in an effort to better serve their readers.

Here's the link, and look for some hard-hitting stories on local government and animal abuse:


It's still a few days until the start of school in the Shoals. Looking for an inexpensive treat for your older children? Something that's not only fun, but provides a much needed service to the area?

May we suggest an afternoon of volunteering at the Florence Animal Shelter? Dress casually and be prepared to bathe, groom, and walk the dogs. We have a feeling they'll even let you cuddle the cats. You don't have to foster or adopt in order to be of service to our animal community. Our shelter is full as of right now, and anything you can do to help the animals find their forever homes will not only be appreciated by the shelter staff, it should also bring you some wet slurpy kisses. What more could you want on a hot day?

Call: 256-760-6676 to set up a time.


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