Thursday, August 23, 2012

That's Big o' Her...or Is That Bigamy?

Yolanda Johnson Faulk

It's not every town that has a chance to elect a bigamist to public office. Apparently Florence is now one of those lucky municipalities.What options does Florence have to fill the soon to be vacant council seat in District One? Yolanda Johnson Faulk is running against Dave Smith, who was only too happy to accompany Paul Faulk to the TimesDaily office to present documents proving Yolanda Faulk had committed bigamy, but didn't "want to get involved."

Good luck, District One. You won't find anyone who can compare to Sam Pendleton any time soon.


Hannah Mask of the TimesDaily has an interesting article on the new deferred action program designed to provide work permits for illegal aliens who meet certain requirements. Of course, Ms. Mask didn't use the word "illegal." She used the ever popular term "undocumented"--four times.

I can see it now...he's not a quack, he's an undocumented surgeon. She's not an unlicensed driver, she's simply undocumented. Drug dealers? No. They're just undocumented pharmacists. Then there could be the highly popular murder defense--He's just an undocumented executioner.



  1. There has to be more to the alleged bigamy story than that. Not that I doubt you, but I need more than that. Who was she said to be married to? Marriage and divorce are matters of public record, did you look it up?

    1. Paul Faulk says he married Yolanda Johnson Bates in 2003, but she was still married to a Mr. Bates at the time. The Faulk marriage was annulled in October 2011. Paul Faulk's tale does seem sketchy, since theoretically a judge should have charged Yolanda with bigamy rather than simply annulling the marriage.

      The story ran in the TimesDaily yesterday. Apparently Robert Palmer saw the paperwork.

    2. I only read the TD at my grandmother's house.