Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Married for What?/Tim Kent

Would you marry for money? Some would. If you can live with the deal, that's your business. As for others, love comes first. As for still others, we have to wonder.

Been keeping up with the Anthony Woods murder trial? The victim had been married at least three times, and one of her ex-husbands testified today that Tammie Woods had tried to run him down with her car before they married. That's right...before they married and while he was still married to someone else. The defense is using him for a witness...just not one known for his common sense...or morals.


Cold Water Books will host author, Tim Kent on Thursday, August 23. Tim will sign copies of his books from 5-9pm and give a presentation on the Winston Family, Deshler and Civil War History of Colbert County at 6pm. This will take place during the Deshler Tiger Walk, Tuscumbia Market Event.


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