Friday, August 10, 2012

Franklin Pharmacy?/Melissa Beasley E-Mails?

Initial reports from the FBI on Wednesday identified one of two raided Franklin County pharmacies as Franklin County Pharmacy. Within two hours, the press release had been changed to Franklin Health-Mart Pharmacy. Today a spokesman from Franklin Pharmacy has addressed charges of insurance fraud; we now infer this to be the correct name of the third business raided.

Timothy A. Aaron, owner of Franklin Pharmacy, has previously worked at Sheffield Pharmacy (one of the other two raided) and the Drug Shop in Russellville. He's now listed as licensed in Franklin County only. According to their ads, the pharmacy specializes in a product dubbed Optimal Pain Control, or OPC. Established in 2010, the business operates from a steel frame building just off Hwy. 43 north of downtown Russellville.

The drug store is listed as an LLC; however, it appears to be operating under an umbrella corporation. The pharmacy's principal income is produced via sales of OPC. One source reported to us that its gross receipts from this pain formula last year were 250K. A few other sources that we could not verify have placed the figure much, much higher. Apparently the majority of this revenue is generated through online sales.

One reader reported Russellville Pharmacy still closed this morning, while a second reported it was open at some point. Hopefully any problems with accounting won't affect the day to day operation of these businesses. Employees, including associate pharmacists, have no control over the business practices of their employers. There are reportedly over 300 employees of these three pharmacies, all we assume doing the jobs for which they were hired. Let's remember that.

Want to know more about topical pain creams? Here's part one of Pen-N-Sword's informative report:


WAAY has reported Capt. Melissa Beasley has been demoted to sergeant following an incident at the July 19th Jerry Ivy murder investigation. The Huntsville station is also reporting that retired Florence police officer Pete Williford has accused Beasley of alcohol impairment, sending various news organizations accounts of her behavior at the East Florence scene.

Did we receive one of his e-mails? Several have asked that question of us, so we did feel the need to address it. The only information we have received concerning the investigation came from a member of the Ivy family. If Mr. Williford would like to write a guest commentary on the issue, we will be glad to publish it.


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