Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scott Beason Has Some Smarts

Alabama State Senator Scott Beason

It's almost back to school time and we have a great idea for all you parents out there struggling to purchase your child's supplies. Instead of getting your own child anything he needs to be successful in life, just go buy something for your neighbor's child instead.

Anyone like that idea? We thought not. Yet that's what many supporters of "undocumented" immigrants would like us to do for them. Thankfully not everyone is on board with this wonderful plan. State senator Scott Beason of Gardendale was quoted in today's TimesDaily as saying:

We cannot solve the world’s problems, but we can make sure we don’t import some problems.

Thank God someone knows what logic is and can actually apply it to everyday life in Alabama.


Parents and teachers alike have been weighing in on the resignation of William Combs at Florence's Hibbett Middle School. Tomorrow we'll have an update on the situation, as well as some surprisingly good news about Florence's new equestrian team.


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