Friday, December 3, 2010

Who's Police Chief in Anderson?

An article in today's TimesDaily lists Mark Bowers as the former police chief of the small Lauderdale town of Anderson. Last February, the Anderson town council terminated the entire reserve force and asked for Bowers' resignation. Bowers refused, and we have neither heard nor read more on the situation until today.

Apparently Bowers left Anderson last May to join the Hanceville police force; however, online records still list Bowers as chief of the small town. Anderson has a population of around 350, with an unemployment rate of over 10%. Perhaps this position is still unfilled?


Congratulations to Shoals recording artist Gary Nichols on his new album. The Way We Do it Down South will be released on December 7th and features songs by various local writers including John Paul White.

If you haven't yet heard Gary, here's a link to his MySpace page:
Gary Nichols MySpace Music

We think you'll enjoy these samples, but they are only samples. What better Christmas gift than a complete album by Gary?


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