Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Others Are Saying about the Shoals

Yesterday marked the silver anniversary of the NCAA Division II championship held in Florence. Comments published in the TimesDaily concerning visitor reaction to our area have been universally favorable. We've previously published some negative comments concerning the game's venue, Braly Stadium. Now, here are a few comments from fans and visitors that might not make it to our daily rag:

Pretty low showing. 2nd lowest in 20 years. - Concerning attendance of only 4,027

I don't care what people say, the Shoals is not a hot bed of tourist activity this time of year unless you want to hunt or fish. If the NCAA wants a packed house, then move it to an area that loves football, easily accessible via air travel, has hotels with more than a 2 star rating and a stadium located in an area that is aesthetically pleasing. Braly looks like the neighborhood...ready for the dumpster. If not for the NC game, I would never travel to the Shoals area. The new turf did nothing to make this game look better on TV.

I'm not blaming any organizations, but until someone puts a bunch of promotion to D2 Football and it's championship, I'd expect 4-6k at the game.

Shoals is a pain to get to

The annual let's move the national championship game somewhere else has begun.

field looks nice

sitting alone in a dive of a motel for one more night, I am trying to kill the time. Not much else going on in Florence.

Note: Positive comments are in green; negative in red.


Obviously those of us who live in the Shoals area look at it with love and also with eyes that may not see its shortcomings due to constant exposure. Keeping that in mind, have any of our readers recently looked at the WVNA sign adjacent to the southbound lanes of O'Neal Bridge? This is truly an eyesore and should be either taken down or refurbished.