Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Rudeness Had Begun/Shaun Shapley Appeals?

'Twas the Day after Thanksgiving and the Rudeness had Begun

By J.J. Ray

'Twas the day after thanksgiving and I still was full. My wife then announced it was time to shop. Now I’m really not into any type of punishment for pleasure and being born without a shopping gene does not help. There was of course no choice if I intended to watch the big game.

Parking at Walmart was a real exercise in futility as it was full. Therefore, we circled the wagon numerous times and was out fought by a Volkswagen for the last space. I stopped the van and said, “I’ll let you out and continue circling till I fin a spot”. She speculated the statement and agreed. Relieved I pulled out and wouldn’t you know it there was a spot right in front. Yes, she was watching.

A deep breath later, I knew I was doomed to a fate worse than a Tupperware party. Walking into the store my wife asked me to go to HBA and get her some shampoo. I stood there for a moment and she saw my stupidity. “Health and beauty aids,” she fired off. Of course, this is on the other side of the store a mere two acres away. Finding the right aisle was easy--the right shampoo now that is an experience. I backed up against the gondola so I could see all of them. My God, I thought there are hundreds.

It was then when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. The buggy turned left and she was headed right towards me. I had no place to hide. I could see the small child riding in the buggy and it was at that moment I felt the pain. She ran over my toes and never looked back. Her only words were, “Get the H…l out of my way I’m in a hurry.

I do not know which was worse--the pain or the embarrassment as people stared at me while I hopped around. Straitening up and trying to smile I found the bottle and hobbled back to the other side of the store only to find out she was in the shoe aisle. She glanced at me without an ounce of pity as I proclaimed my injuries. “It’s Christmas, get over it”, she replied. Crushed and hurting I found a bench and sat down to give my toes a chance The people scurried around as if they were possessed by some type of shopping demon.

Then the reality set in. This is not Christmas. Christmas is about a man born some two thousand years ago. These people have totally forgotten the real meaning. He came to earth to give us a present whatever our beliefs are. His present is free--all we have to do is to accept it. There is no money involved--just celebrate his birthday, believe and be joyful. While pondering this epiphany my wife circled by and announced she was through, “Let’s check out."

Now this is not the end of the story because at the checkout, you guessed it. Right behind me, it was the toe assassin and she was impatient. Moving out of her way, I allowed her to go ahead of me. My wife seeing my cowardliness whispered, “Is she the one”. I whispered back, “Yes, but do not say anything he would not like it.” She had a quizzical look on her face but I was content. This was Christmas and maybe the toe assassin would remember my kindness and pass it on.

In the car, my wife asked me what was going on. I replied that Christmas is not just one day but it’s a spirit of love and kindness for everyday. Have you passed on a kindness today? He would like it, I am sure.


Per Attorney General Troy King, who is sometimes good for something, Shaun Shapley has attempted to appeal his 25 year conviction for the murder of his stepdaughter. We will have more on this appeal later, but it is beyond our limited legal intelligence how Shapley would be allowed to appeal a conviction based on a plea bargain...unless he now claims he was coerced into the plea or received inferior legal representation--representation his wife sold her assets and those of the victim in order to acquire.


That brings us to Renee' Miskell, our latest local hero. Renee' fights diligently for the rights of those who are not able to fight for themselves. Thanks Renee' for all you do for others.