Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting Rid of the Community Mentality?

“One of the things the board most dearly wanted to accomplish was to take the hospital and the community mentality it had for so many years and make sure the end result we handed back to the community was something as good or better than what it had been.” - Tyndal Davis

While health care will never return to what it was one hundred or even fifty years ago, nor should it, a little community mentality, aka community pride and involvement, is hardly a bad thing. Apparently Tyndal Davis thinks community involvement should be a thing of the past, as least where our local hospitals are concerned. We have to ask: Just how is this different than Helen Keller Hospital signing over total control to Huntsville Hospital?


While it hasn't been widely discussed, what will be the name of our new RegionalCare hospital? We doubt it will carry any connection to the Coffee family. Gone will be ECM Hospital and Coffee High School, leaving only Coffee Road to commemorate one of Florence's founding families.


Security for hire company DynCorp has made the news again. We wonder how many local police honchos now mention this much maligned company in their resume'? Actually, we wonder if some smaller departments even check into the validity of such resume's?