Wednesday, December 22, 2010

US Marshals in Cherokee?/Pocket Park

A very reliable source has informed us that US Marshals may be headed to Cherokee. Since the details have not been confirmed, we won't publish any other info on this, but look for a story tomorrow.


Pocket Park? How Empty! Most of us remember the mantra "Point Park? How Pointless!" from the campaign to rename the riverside facility to honor veterans. May we suggest a similar new name is in order for Pocket Park, the small park just south of Seven Points on Wood Avenue. This location was home to the Norwood Theatre until it burned in 1968.

For many years the lot sat vacant until the City of Florence constructed the current amphitheatre. The location is now used for festival events and impromptu lunches for those who work nearby.

If you have a suggestion for a fitting name, please e-mail us. Florence Councilman Dick Jordan is an avid local historian and would be a good person to head this campaign. We've very good at volunteering others...


We recently mentioned the WVNA sign on the Florence side of O'Neal Bridge. One may see from the photograph that the sign has experienced no recent upkeep. The tower is rusty, and the time/date mechanism hasn't worked in years.

If the station's owners won't properly maintain the sign, the City of Florence should begin condemnation proceedings. The new owners of the station have experienced financial troubles since purchasing the business from the Darby family, but bad advertising is worse than no advertising at all.