Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hank Sherrod Does it Again!? Morris Trial Ends in Hung Jury

Jerry Wayne Morris' assault trial has ended in a hung jury. According to a source with Lauderdale County, the evidence against the Anderson resident was iffy at best. We don't advocate striking police officers under any circumstances, but neither do we condone police brutality against innocent citizens. It would seem Hank Sherrod is definitely the go-to attorney in cases involving police infringement of civil rights.

Sources further tell us the Anderson Police Department has made great strides under its new chief. Kudos to Chief Karla McGee for improving the department's image. McGee replaced former DynCorp employee Mark Bowers last May.


If the English language isn't dead, it's mortally wounded and in need of a miracle to save it. A reader board on a local pharmacy recently proclaimed: Get Your Alabama & Auburn Stuff Here! The word "stuff" seems to be running a close second to "like" as the most overused/ill-used word in not only daily conversation, but more formal speech as well.

Of course, we no longer converse, but conversate. We won't mention the name of the Tweeter, but a local UNA student recently wrote: It was fun commentating with ***** at the Florence Christmas parade. We'll be sure to notate that in case we need someone to orientate a new announcer next year. At least we can take solace in the fact that decadent speech isn't just a Southern phenomenon--we've heard the Kardashians speak.


A reader tells us the name of our new hospital will be Northwest Regional Medical Center. The appellation is already scrolling across screen savers on ECM monitors...and only ten years before the hospital is completed.

Other sources report that the first of the year will see several long-time Registered Nurses leave ECM's employ, as well as a paring down of some excess baggage at Shoals Hospital. We can understand the need to clean house at Shoals; it's long been reported that nepotism and good ol' boy politics played a large role in their staffing. Encouraging senior RNs with years of expertise to take early retirement in the name of cost effectiveness is a different matter.


After an absence of almost three months, we see Trevor Stokes returned to the TimesDaily on December 8th. Now it they would just bring back the Sunday local history segments...