Saturday, December 18, 2010

Billy Reid Boring? Not to Us!

To a New York Times journalist, Florence designer Billy Reid may be boring. We consider him prudent. Read about his latest award here:

A recent blog lamented the decadence of the English language in the United States. For an extremely interesting and accurate take on today's misuse of the native tongue, we urge everyone to read:


Update on Santa's arrest from J.J. Ray:

It's official Santa was in court today. Judge Medley ordered him to Riverbend for an evaluation. Apparently she thinks he is delusional. He was represented by Attorney of record Janice Keaton. The evaluation is set for Monday the 20th. He is to return on the 23rd back to court for a final determination. The commissioner with the smile like a Grinch Commissioner Rhea Tays Michael Fulmer was in court. The DA Chris Connolly still insisted if in fact he was the real Santa then he had to be considered an illegal alien and should be remanded to ICE. Nothing else to report but will be back in court on the 23rd.


The Lawrence County, Tennesse, courthouse in Lawrenceburg has been widely discussed in recent years. There are many who would like to see the current modern structure razed and an updated replica of the previous building erected in its place. Here's an image of the original on eBay: Link