Monday, December 13, 2010

New Direction for the TimesDaily?

The word "new" in this topic may be misleading, perhaps we should have said the "now obvious" direction of the TimesDaily. Shelton Publishing, parent company of the Decatur Daily, purchased the Shoals' largest newspaper last year; earlier this year Shelton bought the weekly Courier Journal. Is this monopoly of news outlets illegal? No, but it is still a form of monopoly.

Visit the TimesDaily website and you're offered the chance to click on the sister websites of the Decatur Daily or Moulton Advertiser. Visit one of these two sites and you will not be similarly offered the chance to visit the TimesDaily with just a click of the mouse. While Shelton Publishing expects Shoals residents to find its other two publications of interest, it apparently doesn't think Morgan or Lawrence County readers will find the TimesDaily of either interest or great import.

Apparently it's all right to criticize the Coffee Health Group for choosing RegionalCare to take over local hospitals, but not all right to question the situation at Alabama National rail care plant, a situation that affects all state employees. We're still searching for logic in that one and so far have found none.

Shoals readers are turning to such websites as the ShoalsInsider and The Connection for much news or investigative reporting. For any editorial comment that might criticize local industry (read: advertisers), readers will have to look to various local blogs. We hope one of these news outlets will hire Trevor Stokes--he wasn't afraid to tell the truth...


Many Shoals residents remember Dr. Edward Mullen fondly from his 28 years with Trinity Episcopal Church in Florence. Here's a chance to own a rare copy of his sermons: Link