Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the Same Page? We're Not Even in the Same Century...

The above scene depicts Cherokee in the 1890s. Unfortunately, judging from recent events in that small Colbert County town, we're unsure how much has changed since then.

The Facebook site Public Meetings of Cherokee, Alabama is now up and running with video from not only council meetings, but also from library and water board meetings. We urge anyone interested in Cherokee's future to become a fan of this site, as well as a regular visitor. Not everyone can schedule time to attend these important meetings, but now they can keep abreast of these events with their own eyes and ears--all thanks to a conscientious Cherokee videographer.


Thanks to Joseph Robert Tully for contacting us concerning Anderson's new police chief. Since May, Karla McGee has been in charge of this East Lauderdale town's police department. McGee is a former police chief for Waterloo. Sources say Chief McGee is attempting to rebuild the town's police department and has made great progress since problems first came to light last February.


Congratulations to Deshler for once again making it to the State Playoffs! Yes, we're disappointed they didn't win, but just making the finals once again is a major achievement--something our local sportswriters seem to have lost sight of. Let's hope they know that the entire city of Tuscumbia is proud of their team.