Wednesday, December 15, 2010

North Alabama Medical Center

In a decade or so, the Shoals will have a new hospital. We will correct the name to North Alabama Medical Center; the name Northwest Alabama Medical Center is currently in use by a small facility to the south of the Shoals.

Why a decade? Sources say Helen Keller Hospital will fight the construction of a new hospital with every legal angle it can muster. One reason may be that RegionalCare is rumored to be looking at two parcels of land in Sheffield--one directly behind HKH on Woodward Avenue.

Obviously RegionalCare is seeking a central location; however, like HKH's affiliation with Huntsville Hospital or not, construction of the new facility on HKH's doorstep could certainly be viewed as a personal affront. Perhaps we should all buy stock in roach spray?


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What's up with this: The Montgomery hearing involving Keith McGuire's teaching license is currently under way. It should finish up after three days of testimony...yes, three days paid for by the taxpayers. There may not be a decision for a month; we'll report as soon as one is announced.