Saturday, December 11, 2010

The UNA Mystery

"If you have the facts, then bring them forward." - Florence Mayor Bobby Irons

Does Councilman Sam Pendleton have any facts concerning the Florence Country Club land deal? Or does he simply have suspicions? There's certainly much to be suspicious of. If you came in late on this now infamous land deal, here's the skinny: The Florence Country Club Deal

If there was no sweetheart deal for the University of North Alabama, we have just one question: Why did UNA not bid on the land they then wanted and still want?

Many of us have placed bids in charity or online auctions knowing winning would be a long shot...but we still placed the bid. Did UNA know how much the City of Florence was going to bid? Or did they know they would get the land they wanted without having to bid?

We look forward to some answers, but do not expect them to be immediately forthcoming.


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Well, hey, it seems to be news for National Alabama. Now, if they just had some buyers for these new and improved rail cars...


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