Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who Wants a Million Dollars...Free?

Is there anyone out there who wouldn't want a million dollars? Well, it's not totally free; you do have to pass a test first. According to many local folk, the test should be a snap to pass.

Here's the link:

So, if you can demonstrate how you desaturate digital photos to reveal friendly family ghosts or make audio tapes of ghosts who have the bad taste to linger around the Colbert County Court House, here's your chance to make some extra pocket change for Christmas.

We believe in some circles it's termed "being called out."


On a personal note, I once saw a stage magician transfer a twenty dollar bill from a sealed envelope to the inside of a piece of fruit; yes, same serial number, etc. Did it look convincing? It certainly did. Do I know how he did it? Haven't a clue.

I do know if the magician actually had this supernatural power, he would be, if honest, paid millions by various governments to secure sensitive military and industrial documents; or, if dishonest, rich beyond dreams with ill gotten gains from the billfolds of others.


The murder trial for David Darryl Thompson, the admitted killer of Killen nurse Melissa Garrett is underway in Lauderdale County. We have had several readers and bloggers contact us as to why we have not given the trial more coverage.

This was a horrible crime, committed while the victim's young daughter was in the home. We here at Shoalanda abhor violence against women and expect the verdict to be guilty as charged. Thompson should then be given the maximum sentence of life in prison. We do realize this is not always the case (think Shawn Shapley), but the Kenney-Garrett family is firmly behind the prosecution team--something the family of Shapley's victim was not.

There should be a verdict Friday or Monday, and we will report more then. Melissa's father, daughter, and friends have our total support.