Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bama Fact Check?/Santa Back at North Pole

Have you visited the website Bama Fact Check? Here's a blurb in their own words:

Bama Fact Check aims to provide readers with regular investigations into the statements of state and local politicians and public figures. The statements of highest priority will be the policy ideas of political figures rather than their negative campaign advertisements or off-the-cuff remarks. Staff members hope to continue this endeavor throughout the general election and indefinitely. The project’s goal rests on a fundamental tenet of journalism and democracy: to provide society with the information it needs to be free and self-governing.

Each political statement researched by Bama Fact Check will receive a “Truth Rating” from a group of staff members. The ratings will range from five, meaning the statement is completely true, to zero, meaning the statement is void of any truth whatsoever.

The site states that Alabama politics will take front stage, but local politics will also be in the mix. We plan to regularly ask questions and hope all of you will as well: Link


We're sure you know Santa managed to make his yearly rounds Friday night, but for those who want the juicy details of his release from Lauderdale custody, here's a report from J.J. Ray:

Santa was in court on the twenty third and as expected both Grinches were there. DA Chris Connolly failed in his effort to establish the illegal alien status of the bearded man. The report from Riverbend was read into the record and stated that the man though a little quirky was perfectly sane. There was no law against a person stopping to take a rest while exercising his reindeer.

A local vet testified that the reindeer in question were in remarkable condition given their age. One of the females was expecting though he didn't know the name. After hearing testimony and on a motion from Attorney Janice Keeton. Judge Medley ordered the defendant Kris Kringle was sane and free to go about his business, whatever that was.

Rhea Fulmer Michael Tays was furious and reminded the Judge that she was a Republican and there was another election coming up in six years. Judge Medley ignored the comment and left the court room. The DA would not comment stating he had to do some Christmas shopping. As Ms. Tays was pressed for a comment she uttered a profanity and left. The children are safe for tonight.

A footnote to this drama, my wife and I actually met Santa some years ago in upstate New York at a rest area. He was taking two of his reindeer to a vet. One of the reindeer was a baby and quite playful. Apparently the larger one was the mother because she was not too happy with my wife. He was a very jolly and cordial man. Santa actually gave his card to my wife who at the time was a non-believer. She has had the Christmas spirit ever since.

Merry Christmas to all.