Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lauderdale County Board of Education - Part I

The Lauderdale County BOE is not alone in facing difficulties. The question is: Does it have the leadership to face these problems?

One member doesn't even list his bio even though the district website has requested it:

Yes, the member without the biography is the same person who was recently quoted in the TimesDaily as stating how many THC and CDB had killed in this country. 

The main question facing the board will be consolidation. We don't envy any of them when it comes time to face the public with their decisions. Yet it would seem consolidation may be the only route after the loss of TVA in lieu of tax money.

From a reader on lost funds: overall decline of $1,526,000 in fund balances during the Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2018, which includes a $619,000 decline in State required operating reserves,...

We're not sure how our readers feel, but this appears to be quite a large chunk of change to us. Yet the public continues to elect those who feel past experience in driving a school bus is relevant to the position.

Perhaps we need board members with actual financial experience?


  1. School district administrators, superintendents, and board members should all have some background and training in real world disciplines beyond their “educator” credentials. The inbred incestuous nature of public school “leadership” is a large part of the problem.

  2. I have run for the Board twice but I don't believe anyone read my qualifications once they saw the D by my name. The Board is facing a number of critical issues in the upcoming months and unfortunately I don't believe those issues will be assessed adequately. I encourage everyone to attend the Board meetings and work sessions. They desperately need guidance and community input.