Monday, August 7, 2017

Where Is The Missing Veterans Park Money?

Budgets? There's a new one every year, and the City of Florence is no exception in planning how to use its revenue for a 12-month period. Part of the Florence budget is obviously allotted to park and recreation upkeep/expenses.

It's easy to understand why the city didn't wish to perform an excess of maintenance on Veterans Park; part of it could have been bulldozed over at any time to make way for the long-awaited and almost mythic attraction. Still, there was money allotted for upkeep each year...of should have been.

What happened to the money set aside for Veterans Park maintenance for the past ten years? Did it go to other city parks/recreation areas? Why now is there a struggle to find funding to upgrade the park once a new attraction is built? What can former District Three council member Hermon Graham tell us about the funds and where they are and why he didn't better support the park in his district?

Citizens have questions. Who has answers?

We have to ask why Chuck Norris of Walker Texas Ranger, martial arts, and meme fame is involved in the Alabama senate election. Want to hear whom my cocker spaniel endorses? No, we thought not.

We're always reading that it's time to step up our game...whatever game that might be. Maybe it's time to say if you don't have a certain minimum IQ you shouldn't be allowed to comment here?

Comments from intelligent readers always welcome.


  1. The city has 12 parks and to suggest that there is one single pot of money for x-park or y-park...simply doesn't fit into this discussion. The guy who mows grass at Wilson Park....probably also mows grass at Veterans Park. Maybe this discussion here ought to step back and look at all twelve parks, and the strategy plan and budget of the whole system.

    1. Nevertheless, the budget was calculated for the 12 parks. Maintenance for each park was reckoned and then added together. Surely the maintenance budget for Pocket Park wasn't the same as for Veterans Park.

      Even if the budget was for x number of dollars per 12 parks, the money for Veterans Park wasn't used. Was it split among the other 11 parks? Was it rerouted to the street or other department? Where is it?