Sunday, August 13, 2017

Special: What's Wrong with Mo & What's Right?/Inspiration Landing

First, apologies to readers for the delay in discussing Mo Brooks, one of three senatorial candidates who have a chance to make the Republican runoff on Tuesday. So, what's wrong with Mo and what's right with him?

The main criticism we see about Brooks is that he's a Mormon. Rep. Brooks has stated he is not a Mormon, but does worship in the Mormon faith with his wife and family. We ask: Have you known a time when Brooks' vote in the House of Representatives has been swayed by the Mormon faith?

Second, here's some interesting remarks from a reader:

Luther Strange is working to get national reciprocity for carry permits, just as we have it for drivers licenses and marriage licenses. Mo Brooks, on the other hand, after the recent congressional shooting attempted to get reciprocal carry just for himself and other members of Congress, the public be damned. There is one other thing that nobody has mentioned. If Mo Brooks is elected then we'll have to pay for yet another special election to fill his old seat.

We agree with our reader that Brooks' attempt to arm U.S. legislators and not average citizens is elitist. Is this the worst thing anyone has ever done? No.

We don't think Brooks comes even close to perfect; however, he did acquit himself well during the congressional ball park shooting. We think of the three, he's the most innocuous candidate. Yes, American politics have come down to that...

We plan to vote for Mo Brooks on Tuesday and hope you will also.


Keith Lankford

Inspiration Landing? A reader writes:

How much are Keith Lankford and the Sheffield Board of Education paying Russ Corey to keep Sheffield City Schools featured in the Times Daily? Kids have ALWAYS been nervous to start kindergarten and parents have been anxious to send them. Why is this "story" worthy of two consecutive days' coverage? Gee, you'd think Sheffield leaders are trying to sell something.....Inspiration Landing, perhaps?

In reference to Russ Corey's story concerning Inspiration Landing in today's TD: Why does each "update" on this "proposed project" sound as if city leaders are starting over from ground zero? Why do they need money for new roads when in the last "update", Clayton Kelly reported that no new roads would be needed for the project? What are Russ Corey's journalism credentials? Three-fourths of his way into this story, he references "Scales". As a Sheffield resident, I know he means Gary Scales, but much of the Shoals area does not know that. Where is John Elkington? Anyone? Anyone?

Shoalanda Loves the Shoals!

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  1. It is just sad that the senate election ads on the republican side have became who would drop to their knees fastest for Donald Trump. Tells you where the voters are in Alabama, just as embarrassing statewide as nationally. Besides, Donald is already using his bejeweled kneepads for Putin. The only ones not getting serviced are the citizens, statewide here in Alabama and nationally. "You can't fix stupid"