Thursday, August 3, 2017

Water Torture/Coddling Criminals

From a reader:

Speaking of Special Ed Classes in Alabama……We understand that the idiot who attacked the Town of Lexington, Mayor and Town Council saying they refused to fix the water pressure problems at his house, has finally found the source of 
all his complaints……UNDER HIS VERY NOSE. Well actually, under his kitchen, bathroom and bedroom floors.  Yes that is right!!!  All of his trouble stemmed from a problem HE HAD under his OWN HOUSE and was NOTHING to do with the Town of Lexington or Lexington Water Works.

Mr X belittled and harassed the Mayor, Council and Water Department for months on end about how WRONG they were and how sorry they were and how self-serving Mayor Sandra Burroughs was for suggesting that she pay to help him locate his trouble.  Every single person who was present at the 1 and only council meeting that X dared show up for, tried to help him and he refused to listen or accept any suggestions other than it was ALL THE TOWN'S FAULT.   He even went as far as to call one lady, who he didn’t know and had never met, an idiot when she suggested that he check out the water lines between the meter and his house.  This was the first council meeting this lady had ever attended and she was just making a comment that they had had trouble a few years ago with low pressure and they solved their problem by replacing old water lines. For that, she was called an idiot by X. 

From my understanding, the town put in a brand new water meter and water line at this location.  They also put a water pressure monitor on the meter that actually took readings of the exact pressure every 20 minutes.  This was left on the meter for over 2 months and never showed there to be any inconsistencies in the pressure going into the Xs’s meter.  The Mayor gave this man a print out of the readings which he refused to believe.  Mayor Burroughs offered to pay for a plumber to help find the problems because they were clearly on the property owners side of the meter and not the town.  X refused that help.  Mayor Burroughs offered to buy a pressure pump to go on his meter too.  He refused that saying that if we were planning to fill up the water tanks in town soon, there would be no need for the pump.  Still he wanted to complain each and every day.  Not only did the Mayor try relentlessly to help them, but every single council member did as well.  And lets not fail to mention that guys who work in the Lexington Water Dept and all the hell they caught.  They were called out all hours of the day and night, holidays, weekends, and beyond by the Xs that they did not have ANY water, only for the water dept to get there and discover that YES they did have water at their meter.  Have any of these representatives from the town received any communication from the Xs now?? Who knows…..I think all of them blocked or hid their phone numbers from their cell phones as well as blocked them from Facebook too.

Now they have had major construction done in all these rooms in their house because this water leak has totally wreaked havoc on their floors. Hmmmm  I think someone should apologize or do all of Lexington a favor and move!!!!!!


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