Saturday, August 19, 2017

Florence Senior Center v. Greenhill Senior Center

How do Florence and Greenhill senior centers differ? Here's a partial comparison:

Florence: Average 85 year-old user...

Greenhill: Average 85 year-old user:

Florence: It's called The Club.
Greenhill: It's called That Place Where Them Old Folks Play Cards 'Cept on Days When We Vote.

Florence: Installing new Olympic size pool.
Greenhill: Installing new valve on uni-sex toilet.

Florence: Members demanding new golf course.
Greenhill: Members demanding new Parcheesi set.

Florence: Mick Jagger and the Stones on entertainment lineup.
Greenhill: Patches Porter and his Pea-Pickin' Pluckers on entertainment lineup. 

Florence: City council offers seniors blank check.
Greenhill: County commission tells seniors to bugger off and threatens their families if they don't. 


The above comparison is a work of satire. Yet, Greenhill, being in an unincorporated area, has had its share of problems with funding for its senior center. As with most problems, there is no easy answer. Perhaps a benefit? We'll be happy to advertise it here if one is arranged!

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